Products That We Deal With

Rice Grace One

This is the Rice Grade One that is available at our facility with it being the most wanted Rice in and Out of the Country.

Rice Grace Two

Apart from the First Grade of Rice, Grade Two is also one of the demanded Product at our Company.

Rice Grade Three

This is the Third Grade of Rice that is available at our Company.

Rosecoco Beans

Among all the bean farming varieties, Rosecoco beans have emerged to be one of the varieties with low production costs. Rosecoco does not require special attention from the farmer apart from panting and weeding. The variety is rated to have a strong disease resistance and adapts well to the Tanzanian climate

Jesca Beans

This Beans were discovered by Tanzania Agricultural Reasearch Institute at Uyole in Mbeya whereby these Beans were found to be rich in Iron and Zinc than any other Species.

Navy Beans (Mwaspenjele)

Navy beans are cost-effective and a great source of fiber. They are relatively smaller in size but have a high amount of nutrients.

Red Beans

Red beans are small and round and red in color. People often confuse red beans with kidney beans because of their appearance. The best part is that you can make many sweet and sour recipes with red beans.

Kipapi Beans

This is one of the Variety of Beans available at our Company.

Kidney Beans

Kidney beans is a famous beans type in Tanzania. These are red from the outside and white from the inside. They have a great taste, and adding them to a chilly dish elevates their flavor.

Yellow Beans

Yellow Beans is one of the Variety of Beans and it is most demanded in the Market.

Yellow Maize

In spite of the taste and the radiant color, yellow maize is wholesome and high in nutritious value. Research has proved that yellow corn has a higher nutritional value than the ordinary white maize, because of its higher levels of Lutein, Carotenoids and vitamin A.

White Maize

White maize is a type of grain that is grown throughout the world, though it is known as "white corn" in some areas. The plants that produce white maize are versatile and grow successfully in many climates.

White Sorghum

White Whole Sorghum is a sustainable ancient grain that is grown using fewer natural resources. This product is naturally gluten free, GMO free, and is ideal for individuals suffering from celiac disease, gluten intolerance, or gluten sensitivity.

Red Groundnuts

Red Groundnuts are rich in protein, fat, and various healthy nutrients. Studies show that Red Groundnuts may even be useful for weight loss and are linked to a reduced risk of heart disease.

White Groundnuts

White Groundnuts are also available at our Company with most of it being imported from Malawi. This crop is also rich in Protein, Vitamins and Minerals.