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We bring you the best quality food for the cheapest price ever. The country's leading supplier
of different food products and also one the largest food export company.

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Products That We Deal With

Rice, Beans, Groundnuts, Sunflower, Sorghum, Maize


We have the best rice in the Country from the Mbeya region. With our Advanced machines, we are able to produce rice of the Best Quality that we also exported to many Countries in Africa and Europe. Our aim is to make Rice from Tanzania well known to the world.


All the major varieties of Beans are available in our Company like Maspenjele, Kablanketi, Kipapi and many others. These products also come in different packages as whole sale or retail.


The Groundnuts that we have are one of the Finest. We also buy the produce from Malawi and we sell them in and out of the Country.


We encourage farmers to cultivate Maize because it is one of the produce that is constatntly on demand. Tanzania has been the largest Maize producer in East Africa and opening doors to other countries to come and buy from us.

Projects Been Implemented

USHIRIBE Project, USAID NAFAKA Project, CARI Project

What Our Customers Say

Some of the customers Testimonials

I bought Rice Grade one from this Company and I got to say it is the best Rice I have ever tasted so keep it up.

Theresia Mwaisumbe

I frequently buy different products from Raphael Group Limited and they have never let me down. Thank you.

Emmanuel Msangi

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