About Us

Raphael Group Limited

Raphael Group Limited is Private Company owned and built by Tanzanians. It's Headquaters are at Uyole in Mbeya Region (Southern part of Tanzania). We deal with Processing and selling different produce like Rice, Beans, Sorgham, Groundnuts, Sunflower and Maize. Over 60% of all the produce that we deal with is Rice. Raphael Group Limited has been one of the Largest Company in Mbeya offering over 300 job opportunities to the people. We work closely with small scale farmers with over 42,000 farmers all over Mbeya, Songwe and Morogoro (Ifakara) Regions. So many projects have been implemented, empowering farmers in Agriculture through Training and providing necessary inputs to the farmers to ensure the quality targeted is achieved.

Raphael Group Limited was founded by two young entrepreneurs in Mbeya Region namely Mr. Raphael Simon Ndelwa and Ms. Aujenia Alfred Mbilinyi. Each shareholder owns 80% and 20% of the total paid up share capital respectively. The company’s headquarters are located at Uyole Area along TANZAM road and close to TAZARA.

The core business of the company is rice processing and distribution. Processing activities started way back in 1995 when Mr. Raphael started buying paddy from smallholder farmers around Mbeya, processing paddy by hiring rice milling machine and supplying rice to buyers from Dar es Salaam at their main buying enter in Uyole. The business expanded gradually until now whereby the company possesses three operating rice milling plants, big storage godown and transportation facilities. Due to good business reputation and hard-working capability of its shareholders, the company has achieved to attract small, medium and large dealers in rice from Dar es Salaam, Tanga, Moshi, Arusha, Zanzibar and Mbeya itself. The market is fast growing and presently the company needs to expand. Also the company deals with bulking, processing and selling of other crops like: Groundnuts, Sunflower and Common beans.

What We Offer

We as Raphael Group limited, we do not only Buy and Process the crops but also we Offer Storage Service to the farmers at a very minimum cost. All the Goods that are stored at our Facility are Insured and the farmer will be paid incase of any inconvinience. Despite the Storage Service, the farmer is also not bound to sell the crops to us but the only limit is that they have to Process at our Company.

Our Mission

To deliver high quality food products and services to local and Regional markets, through collaboration and optimization of benefits to both shareholders and customers.

Our Vision

We aim to produce more products and expand the external market.


In Mbeya, Our shop is Located at Uyole at the Company Headquaters. For more details Contact: +255753808217
For Customers that are in Dar-es-salaam, we are located in Mbagala, Tabata and Sinza.